deb fairchild designs...

Deb Fairchild is known throughout the NH beading community as a seed bead artist and instructor.  She is well-versed in off-loom and loom weaving techniques as well as related media such as chain maille and polymer clay.

Although she works with many off-loom beadweaving techniques, she especially likes the lacy, supple fabrics which are derived from the freeform expression of the traditional stitches.  The freeform platform also provides a strong foundation for experiments in the use of color and adaptations of technique which have become the hallmark of her work.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind study in color, rhythm, movement, and form. 

Deb is also committed to helping others develop a strong understanding of beadweaving technique and design.  Deb teaches regularly at BeadBush Studio in Deerfield, NH and throughout the League of NH Craftsmen system and at other locations on request.

Over the past several years, she has developed an extensive curriculum that encourages new and experienced beaders to probe their creativity and develop their own artistic expression.  Deb is also a co-author of the Master Beader Program© (MBP), which provides a mentored development environment for beaders at all skill levels, beginner through advanced. 




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